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Ruffwear to the Rescue for Arden and Her Pets’ 2,800-mile Road Trip

As The Pet Health and Safety Coach, I spend a lot of time on the road with Pet Safety Cat Casey and Pet Safety Dog Kona. Occasionally, Cleo, my 14-year-old retired K9 surfer, joins us. For all of us who travel with our pets, one way to stay sane –and safe — is to pack the right pet essentials.

So, on a recent five-week, 2,800-mile round trip from Dallas to San Diego where we conducted several pet behavior and pet first aid classes, I made sure that my SUV contained these two Ruffwear products:

  • The Ruffwear Haul Bag Water-resistant and roomy with a sturdy zipper, this pet travel bag easily held all the pet food, leashes, doggy potty bags, grooming wipes and favorite toys for my four-legged travel mates. It was the ideal size and didn’t take up a lot of cargo space. And, I used its outside pockets to stash items I needed to need quickly: doggy bags, bag of treats, bottled water and collapsible water bowl. Keeping all the pet stuff in one bag made transporting luggage into the hotel rooms each night so much more convenient
  • The Ruffwear Hydro Plane High-Floating Disc: To break up the monotony during those long road trips, I made sure to pack Kona’s favorite toy — this durable, lightweight disc. Kona is a two-year-old Jack Russell terrier mix who needs –and deserves — to s-t-r-e-t-c-h her legs and engage in mini-play sessions during road trips. Each time we found a safe place for her to run, I would hurl the Hydro Plane in the air and watch with amusement as Kona sprinted, leaped to catch it and then wrestle it to the ground with great glee. I like that this disc is gentle on her mouth and can even float for times when we are at dog-friendly beaches.

To learn more about these and other quality Ruffwear products, click here. And, to book us to come to your group to teach pet first aid classes or give dog/cat behavior talks, contact Arden Moore at arden@fourleggedlife.com.

Gotta go — it’s time for Kona, Casey and I to hit the road again!


Pet Safety Cat Casey and Pet Safety Dog Kona make sure that I have packed treats for them inside this Ruffwear Haul Bag.


Kona patiently awaits another toss by me of the Ruffwear Hydro Plane.

Kona patiently awaits another toss.


Surfing Safely with Cleo, the 12-pound Mutt

I woke up yesterday all excited about entering Cleo, my 12-pound mutt, in the annual Loews Surf Competition staged at Imperial Beach, CA. Despite her size, she is a gutsy dog who loves, loves, loves to ride in waves on her surfboard. She is a proud member of the So Cal Surf Dogs. SurfBestPic62213-300x246

However, the waves were nasty and menacing at the event and there was also a strong current that was clipping photographers to their knees in the surf.  And, one 90-pound dog named Bodie, suffered a severe swollen back leg after his surfboard soared high in the air and landed on him, causing him to yelp in pain. As a master certified pet first aid instructor with Pet Tech, I was able to assess Bodie, wrap his leg in an iced bandana and help carry him into his vehicle so his pet parents, Kristi and Mark Jagger could take him to their veterinarian. Fortunately, no broken bones! (Learn more by visiting my pet first aid site: www.petfirstaid4u.com and I hope to see you in an upcoming class!)

I, like many people with small dogs, opted to withdraw from competition for safety reasons.  If the waves could hurt a big dog like Bodie, there was no way I was going to risk injury to little Cleo.  So, since my sister, Karen and nephew, Andy were visiting from Indiana, we went with Plan B:  we drove up I-5 to Ocean Beach Dog Beach were the waves were much calmer.  Here is a very happy Cleo catching a wave there.


Keep Tabs on Your Pet Anytime with Tagg – The Pet Tracker

You gotta love technology that goes to the dogs..and cats. And products that give us peace of mind in knowing where our pets are 24-7. A new product for consideration among caring pet parents: Tagg – The Pet Tracker. This lightweight, durable device fits securely on your pet’s collar and uses advanced GPS technology to alert you where your pet is via a mobile phone, mobile device or computer.

The product was created by Snaptracs, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm, the world leader in mobile technologies. At a media sneak peek meeting earlier this summer, I also discovered that the team members behind Tagg are also major pet lovers. Many quickly shared photos of their pets from their cell phones.

“As pet owners ourselves, we were inspired to design a purpose-built solution that provides owners the peace of mind that their pet is where he or she is supposed to be,” says Dave Vigil, president of Snaptracs and proud owner of dogs named Hershey and Tag. “We are proud to have developed a simple-to-use and affordable tracking system that will help reunite pet and owner quickly if the pet wanders off.”

Here are the specifics:  Tagg tracker is designed for dog sand cats over 10 pounds. It is built to handle rigorous play and rolling and even swimming. The battery lasts up to 30 days. There’s a trip button, which allows you to take walks, car rides or travel with your pet without sending you an alert. After all, your pet is right there with you!  Service is provided on the Verizon wireless network. Cost for the Tagg Master Kit, which includes all hardware and one-year of service, is $199.99. Tagg is expected to be available for the first time in September.

To learn more, I invite you to ‘sniff around” Tagg’s website or follow it on Twitter (@TaggTracker) and Facebook. Please send me your feedback about this new pet tech product!


Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Dawn Celapino, founder of Leash Your Fitness, a people-dog workout class, is giving new meaning to the term, pup tent. That’s because she is organizing the third annual LYF weekend camping trip in San Diego County that will include 22 people and 18 dogs!

As founder of Four Legged Life, I am happy to share her latest blog from her site. She and Jack, her cool, athletic Cairn terrier, want to ensure that you play it safe when camping with your dog. Read on!

This weekend the Leash Your Fitness family is going camping! We are really excited as this is our 3rd annual camping trip and the other two were loads of fun!  There are a few things that you should be aware of when taking your dogs camping and we want to share them with you:

1/ Find out where the nearest 24 hour vet is.  You never EXPECT a medical emergency but if your dog gets biten by a rattlesnake or anything else tragic–you want to know where to go and FAST!  Also, take a first aid kit with you for minor accidents.

2/ Are there ticks in the area where you are going and is your dog protected?   Some flea medicines, like Comfortis, do not cover ticks so make sure Fido has coverage.  Know how to get a tick off in case your dog does get one.  There are little devices that you can buy or there are many ways to remove a tick. Whatever you do, DON’T try to burn it off, that isn’t a good idea for your furry friend.

3/ Don’t forget: an extra leash, collar, any dog meds and enough food/ treats.  If your dog has short hair, you may consider a thermal jacket or something to keep him warm.  Also, bring a bed, towel or pillow for your dog to sleep on.  Our dogs are spoiled and used to sleeping in warm houses just like us!

4/ Are dogs allowed on the trails where you are going?  Many state parks do not allow dogs on the trails.  Make sure you check all of the rules before you depart.  There is nothing worse than showing up and not being able to go anywhere because “No dogs allowed” signs are posted.

5/ Preparing your dog is a must:  you may want to put the tent up before you go and do a “practice run” and you don’t want to plan on hiking 6 miles if Fido is only used to walking around the block.   Build up to the trip and it will make it a much better experience for everyone.

Camping with your dog is a lot of fun in the right setting.  Research the area and ask other dog owners if they have camped in the area where you intend to go.  Have fun and let us know about your experience! If you want to check out our pictures from last years trip, click here. Stay tuned for pictures of this years adventure.


Play It Safe – Enroll in Arden's Pet Safety, CPR and Wellness Class

Pet Tech's Thom Somes and family congratulate Arden Moore for becoming a certifed instructor.

If your cat started choking, would you know what to do? What if your dog severely cut his leg on a hike miles away from a veterinary clinic – how would you response? In a pet emergency, every minute counts. It is for that reason that I recently enrolled in the comprehensive Pet Tech training program to become a certified instructor to teach pet first aid, CPR, safety and wellness.

For me, it was the logical piece of the pet puzzle missing from my knowledge base. As editor of two magazines, host of a top pet radio show, author, media consultant and animal behavior specialists, I enjoy bringing harmony to households for both people and pets. But, now I can go a step further and really help people possibly skirt pet health problems and give them the hands-on training they need should their dog or cat stop breathing, choke, get wounded or other calamity.

Pet Tech’s founder is Thom Somes, best known as The Pet Safety Guy. He has dedicated his life to keeping dogs and cats healthy and safe. Why, Homeland Security honchos checked out various pet first aid programs and selected Pet Tech as the one they felt was best suited to train their dog handlers.

If you want real hands-on training using demo dogs and take home more than 50 actionable tips you can put into use right now to benefit your pet, give me a call. I am scheduling classes now. I offer two classes: a four-hour and an eight-hour (which can be divided into two sessions). All students will receive a training manual and certificates upon completion. We love our pets – heck we even spoil them with fancy outfits, healthy treats and other pet accessories. Here’s your opportunity to show your dog or cat how much you really love them by taking my class. And, we even offer a phone app you can download that contains vital pet care info you can access literally at the swipe of your finger!

Pet professionals — pet sitters, dog trainers, boarding operators, groomers and more — you will win more clients when they know you have been trained in pet first aid and safety. I know it gives me peace of mind any time Chipper and Cleo use any of these services.

For classes, fees and more details, please contact Arden

and visit Four Legged Life, Arden’s online pet community. I promise you will be “edu-tained” by my teaching style and feel more empowered to know what to do when your pet needs you the most. I also invite you to learn more about Pet Tech by clicking here. And, if you download the Pet Savers App off their site, plug in the code word: Arden. Thanks!



Great Pet Travel Tips from Pet Safety Lady and Bark Buckle Up

At the recent Holiday Season Air Travel Press
Conference, representatives from the Transportation Security
Administration (TSA) spoke about how to prepare for going through security
screening. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) shared the holiday
travel forecast, while the Airport Police conveyed travel safety and
Customs & Border Protection (CBP) showed us hands-on what “not” to bring
into the country when returning from an overseas trip.

In closing,Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” founder of Bark Buckle UP, the trusted
authority for pet travel safety, shared with us some tips for traveling
safe with pets. Her Furry friends helped her demonstrate airline
approved, pet carriers, crates and a “BONE”afide pet pat down, TSA style.

Nearly 2.9 million passengers will pass through LAX from Friday December
17 through January 2nd 2011 and some of those nearly 3 million passengers
will have pets. Number one tip from LAX, TSA CBP and Pet Safety Lady, is:
“be early”!

Pet Safety Lady emBARKed her national airport tour live from LAX. The
tour was formed to help educate pet owners on how to travel safer with
their pets nationwide.

“Safety starts on the way to the airport. To
ensure ultimate safety, comfort and convenience for two and four-legged
passengers, be sure to plan, pack and follow the rules”, said Pet Safety
Lady. Her airport tour will take a giant BITE out of pet air travel
“We were honored to see that Pet Safety Lady used the Sturdi Tote at the
press conference to teach the public how to keep their pet safe in cabin
when traveling by air,” said Penny Johnson, Executive Vice President,
Sturdi Products, Inc.
Guests were chomping at the bit to hear her Pet Air Travel Safety Tips

• Fees (average is $100)
• Cabin or cargo: A pet under 20 pounds, which includes the carrier and can
go in cabin, under your seat. Larger pets travel as cargo. Lock your
carrier and keep ID on carrier.
• Check-in: A reservation for pets is required. Your pet will be your
carry-on bag.
• Security: Pet Pat Down TSA style may be required for some pets. Your
carrier goes through the x-ray machine but your pet is removed from its
carrier and walks through with you.
• Airports are required to have Pet potty areas (LAX has 5).
• Packing for pets: Be sure to bring medicines, food, a toy or chew bone,
ID tag, collar/harness & leash.
• Size & health: Healthy to fly = current shots. All states require Rabies
vaccinations and that the animal be at least eight weeks old.
• Snub nose pets like a Pug cannot fly as cargo.
• Airline transfers: Different carriers = you are required to pick up your
pet at baggage and transfer to other carrier. When transferring with the
same carrier, that airline will transfer your pet for you.
• Service dogs with proper ID travel in cabin free of charge.
• Weather safety restrictions apply: Above 85 degrees and below 20,
degrees pets don’t fly.

For the full list of pet air travel tips, full release and more quotes
please visit www.PetSafetyLady.com and click on the airplane. Video

About: Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” founder of Bark Buckle UP® works
with first responders nationwide teaching pet safety and has buckled UP
more then 10,000 pets. Education is the first step to show that pet safety
is connected to human safety, which helps to save lives. Christina has
been featured in more then 1200 TV, radio, segments including print and
online takes it over tens of thousands, Bark Buckle UP received more then
100 MILLION in circulations and impressions in the first year, she has
directed, produced several pet safety PSA’s and created Be Smart Ride
Safe-take the pledge Buckle Up the whole family.
About Sturdi Products: Seventeen years and still flying high, the
innovative design of the SturdiBag makes it the preferred carrier for many
well traveled professional trainers, breeders and animal lovers around the
world. Sturdi Products, Inc. has gained an international reputation for
designing unique, attractive, durable and safe products that reflect the
needs of customers who travel with cats and small dogs. Sturdi Products
manufactures professional quality soft sided pet carriers, portable pop up
shelters, foldable water-tight boxes, orthopedic grade pads, corporate
promotional products and other unique items geared to cats and small dogs.
Sturdi Products Inc. offers quality products for traveling pets…and
their people. To learn more about Sturdi Products, visit